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How will You Style your Conservatory ?

I get asked this question many times by our customers, I always offer advise and give ideas doing something I am very passionate about as I feel a Conservatory is the heart of your home. Here is just a few ideas and things to think about on how to decorate and furnish your new Conservatory.

Are you buying new furniture?

From ordering your conservatory nows the time to think about how its going to look internally, if you are buying new... its time to look at  the kind of furniture you are putting where so every bit of furniture has its place using the most of your room. If you already have furniture this gives you time to consider where it will be positioned then you can concentrate on decor and accessories.

Follow the theme to your garden 

I love to see plants in decorative pots gives the feeling of the outdoors, which is how you will feel once you are sitting in your new conservatory on a nice summers evening, I always think its a good idea to think about how the area outside your conservatory will feel maybe go for a similar outdoor rug, matching plant pots or a garden mirror to reflect your conservatory.


The choice is yours wood, laminate, tiles with underfloor heating, or vinyl, I would think careful about carpet for obvious reasons. Also a nice idea is to leave a cut out of your floor to perfectly sink a rug to achieve a flush fit.

Tip for making your room look bigger.

Painting or wallpapering the walls a light colour and I always suggest buying larger furniture but less of it (i.e one large sofa instead of lots of chairs) Pull furniture away from the wall to create the illusion of spaciousness. , leave space beside your french doors or consider a single door if very limited space, Buy furniture with hidden storage and use stripes say a striped rug will make your room appear longer.

Lighting Options 

I really think lighting in a conservatory is important, generally during the day you will not use any lighting as your conservatory will flood light into your home, however its in the evening it matters, I always recommend mood lighting so lots of toned down lamps they don't need to be expensive just match in different sizes and contrasts to create a beautiful ambience.

TV or Radio 

Years ago I used to think no to TVs in conservatories thinking they were a room to relax away from everything in the peace and quiet shut off from your home however as conservatories have become more of a room to extend your home its a definite yes as it will become your new living room. Also a radio is lovely whilst reading and unwinding in the peace.

Just a few Ideas 

Rose Gold and Marble

Rose Gold has been in for longer than I thought and its one of my favourites combinations with marble accessories it give a complimentary feel and works well with light or dark furniture.

Rustic Shabby Chic 

This look will never date it looks clean and fresh but rustic at the same time, Furniture like this in a conservatory is also easy to keep clean and available at most shops at the moment. 

Geometric mixed with country 

You can have some fun with this style and anything goes a mixture of prints and colours this will really bring your Conservatory to life and express your personality.

Fresh modern Look

Most 2 bold colours work together also one of my favourites is the monochrome look  (black and white)  by keeping the walls light/plain then your room will still feeler more spacious and also by pulling the furniture away from the walls as I previously mentioned. 

Have Some Fun with your Room

Its much more popular to have an adults room nowadays like a man cave , an office, a gym or an Art studio they can be designed for your time in your way.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for your Conservatory.

Thank you 

If you have any Questions please contact us.

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